• All employees are expected to wear clean uniform and caps while on duty.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the vehicle.
  • Safety helmet, goggles and hand gloves are issued to all for staff these must be worm all the time.
  • All material used are very expensive and hazardous make sure that there is no spillage, wastage.
  • For traveling safety belts should be worn.
  • Do not enter any vehicle without proper PPE.
  • For doing any maintenance work , a work permission is necessary.
  • Do not start any work without a work permit.
  • Do not block any safety shower, fire appliance or exhaust.

House Keeping

  • Work place and surrounding area shall be kept clean and free from obstructions.
  • On job completion all tools, equipments and left over material shall be collected at designated storage place.
  • Waste oily material and other intermediate material shall be removed and kept in covered metallic containers.
  • Slipping substance such as grease or oil spilled on floor, shall be wiped and Cleaned immediately.


  • Wearing uniform, no person working on or near moving machinery shall be loose clothing.
  • All persons engaged in oily or cleaning of machinery shall put on tight fitting clothes, shoes, boots must be properly lashed.
  • The safety apparel to be warned shall be specified in the work permit by the department person.