Personnel protective equipment like goggles, face shields, gloves, safety shoes, helmet, etc. are issued for personnel protection for jobs where special hazard exhaust and there usage as specified in the clearance certificate is mandatory by the personnel while engaged on such work.

Stacking materials

  • All materials shall be stacked tightly and up to safe height to prevent them from falling or causing some other piles to fall.
  • No material shall be stacked in passages and emergency exit.

Eye Protection

  • Goggles or face shields must be used by all personnel engaged in operations involving hazards to eyes these operations shall be identified by the SHE manger along with respective department Head.

Safety Belt

  • All employees at working places which are not adequately protected by railing on suitable enclosure shall be safety helmet and safety belt with lifeline tide nicely to firm structure or other support independent of equipment on which they are working.

Defective tools

  • All defective tools like chisels with irregular heads, spanners with worn jaws, broken hammers shall be brought to the notice of the supervisor and discard it.


  • Machine guard and other safety devices shall not be removed except for making repairs
    lubricating or cleaning by authorized person. These must be replaced before starting machines.

Clearance Certificate

  • Incidents often occurs when maintenance work or project work is carried out in a half hazard way. Before taking any maintenance work each job should be analyzed in details to find out what are possible hazards involved in the executing job and identifying methods to be adopted to prevent incidents.

Starting and repairing machinery

  • No person shall attempt to operate or certain motion or equipment unauthorized.
  • Oiling, cleaning and repairing of machinery shall be not normally carried without first stopping machinery completely.
  • No person switch on electricity, or certain motion and machinery without first making sure that anyone in position to be injured.
  • All moving parts of machinery shall be properly guarded.


  • No worn shall be done in close proximity to electric supply line and operations without the approval of components authority.
  • The use of defective plugs, sockets and flexible cable shall be avoided.
  • No one except a person duly authorized by electrical section shall operate any switch gear or other electric equipment except for routine starting and stopping motors and switching on or switching off lights, fans etc.

Ladders and Scaffolds

  • Ladders with broken and missing rings or split side rails or otherwise defective shall not be used.
  • No metallic ladders shall be used for electrical work or any work to be executed in close proximity to the electric supply lines or apparatus unless it has rubber shoes.
  • The use of defective scaffolds shall be strictly avoided. All scaffolds shall be inspected by the person in charge of the work before commencement of work.


  • All vehicles shall comply with traffic regulations and they shall not exceed the speed limit.
  • Riding on hand trolleys, battery trucks is strictly prohibited.
  • Riding on a running vehicle or any part of the vehicle except on a proper seat is strictly prohibited.
  • Sitting on the side laps or standing in the vehicles while in motion is strictly prohibited.


  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the yard premises and any location shall be a
    punishable offence. All the personnel shall deposit the match boxes and lighters at the gate with security in case of visitors. It is the person/section visited, who shall ensure that the visitor does not err. Adm. Bldg, staff canteen & main gate office are exempted places for smoking.

First-aid boxes

  • First-aid boxes shall be provided in suitable places in every vehicle.


  • Any contagious or communicable disease suffered by the employee shall be intimated to the management by the individual. Food, water and beverages shall be taken at designated places only.

Reporting of accidents

  • Whenever an injured person is required to be sent to the hospital for treatment, the executive on duty should prepare three copies of Accident form & send as per the procedure. In case of serious accident information should be sent at once to location head or his designee.

Personal Protective Equipment