Environmental Effects

The surrounding in which we live is called environment. It is basically constituted of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil form which we get our food. The heat and rays of the sun also have a bearing on the environment. Due to various human activities and over population our environment is being adversely affected. This is called Pollution. It is a serious threat to the very existence of human life on the earth. In order to tackle pollution, each one of us should know how actually pollution takes place and what can be done to prevent it.

Pollution Types

Air pollution

Emissions from industries, automobiles etc, Pollutes the air. We get sick if we breathe
polluted air.

Water Pollution

Effluents and discharges from industries, domestic sewage etc. mixes with the natural &
ground water causing water pollution. If we drink water without proper treatment we
would fall sick.

Soil Pollution

Waste form industries, human consumption etc. contain material like plastic, metals,
glass, chemicals etc. When the waste is disposed ruthlessly it damages the soil. This
causes loss of vegetation. The food products growing on such soil would harm our
health if we eat them.

Global Warming

Due to increase in carbon -di-oxide content of air the temp. of the atmosphere is
increasing gradually. This causes discomfort to the living beings. The polar snow caps
would melt due to the rise in temp. As the result there is a fear of land masses getting
submerged when the level of water in the oceans rises.

Ozone Depletion

There is a protective layer of ozone at the uppermost portion of our atmosphere. This
Protects the entry of harmful ultraviolet rays from corning to the earth. Due to increase
Of chlorinated hydrocarbon gases in the atmosphere, this ozone layer is getting damaged.
Ultraviolet rays kill living beings. This is a serious threat to the life on earth..

How we Prevent

Various forms of pollution listed above if not checked will increase human sufferings and our future generation will have a miserable life. We can help in preventing further pollution by contributing in the following ways.

  • Avoid wastage of water, energy, chemicals & usable.
  • Grow more and more trees, plants etc.
  • Avoid over consumption of materials.
  • Use everything to the maximum extent possible.
  • Use only environment friendly goods & materials
  • Follow all pollution control rules and regulations in a systematic manner.
  • Air emissions, water discharges & solid wastes should be minimized as far as possible. Before throwing away, these should be treated and made innocuous.
  • As far as possible recycle & reuse water, waste & natural resources.
  • Share environmental awareness & manage for pollution prevention with all and one,as far as possible.